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General rules and regulations

Please stay tuned for more informations regarding the terms and conditions of this year ALSA E-Comp.

General Rules

      1. Every participant in this competition must be a senior high school student or varsity student;

      2. The committee of The 27th ALSA National English Competition will not provide refunds for those who are disqualified or quit for any reason;

      3. The committee is entitled to unilaterally cancel a competition if the number of participants do not reach the minimum quota as determined by the committee. The minimum quota for each competition:

      4. Debate : 18 teams.

      5. MUN

        1. ECOSOC : 20 delegates.

        2. UNHRC : 20 delegates.

        3. DISEC : 20 delegates.

      6. Newscasting : 25 participants.

      7. Paper Presentation : 15 participants.

      8. Speech : 25 participants.

      9. Spelling Bee : 20 participants.

      10. Storytelling : 20 participants.

      11. Every participant who has registered online MUST re-register themselves offline at the Opening Ceremony, during each day of the competitions, and at the Closing Ceremony;

      12. Every participant MUST attend the Technical Meeting on Thursday, July 27th, 2023. Participants who failed to follow this rule will be disqualified. There will be an exception only for those who are not able to come on the re-registration day by sending their permission for absence to the committee beforehand through Wilson (081396166573 / LINE ID: wilsonndelion) for senior high school students or Gaby (087849704761 / LINE ID: gapgabriellee) for varsity students. The permission for absence must be due to personal urgencies or reasons of which the committee found acceptable and it must be done maximum 1 (one) day before the re-registration day;

      13. The participants who have been registered online during Early and Regular Registration Phase can be replaced with a new participant between July, 5th, 2023 until July, 14th, 2023 or precisely during the Late Registration Phase. The participants who register during the Late Registration Phase can’t be replaced under any circumstances. Replacement can be requested by sending the request of replacement to ALSA E-Comp 2023 Registration’s e-mail address:, with the following format subject: Replacement_(Competition Type)_(Institution) and the following format body mail:

a. Competition Type                                       :

b. Institution                                                :

c. Name of Original Participant                     :

d. Name of Replacement Participant              :

e. Name for Certificate (20 characters tops    :

    including punctuation marks)           

f.  Reason                                                        :

The participant is required to attach any kind of related document that supports the participant’s reason (e.g. signed medical permit from hospital). If the committee finds the reason as an acceptable reason, then the committee will send the approval of a replacement request to the participant’s e-mail address;

    1. After Friday, July 14th, 2023, replacement of participants are not allowed and can result in disqualification;

    2. The names registered on the website or the name of the replacement participant registered on the ALSA E-Comp 2023 registration’s e-mail will be the names printed on the certificates with the limit of 20 characters for each name. The committee is not responsible for mistakes and misspellings made by the participant in the registration form; and

    3. Every rule must be followed. Disqualification for any participant who violates the rule will be under the discretion of the committee to decide unilaterally.


To be eligible to compete, competing individual must:

  1. Be enrolled legitimately in a senior high school or a university by registering with a legitimate Student Identity Card at the time of registration;

  2. Have completed the payment of registration fee and was successfully registered as a participant;

  3. Note and comply with all of the RELEVANT DATES of the competition;

  4. Maintain eligibility at all rounds of the competition. The participant will be disqualified if discovered ineligible to compete in any round; and

Each participant must be present to compete and cannot be represented by anything else other than themselves. Participation by audio, video and/or teleconference is strictly allowed ONLY for online competitions which are Paper Presentation Competition and Short Story Writing.


  1. Every participant or representative MUST attend the Technical Meeting on Thursday, July 27th, 2023;

  2. Each of the participants will be handed a Participant’s Booklet that includes the Rules and Regulations of the competition at the Technical Meeting;

  3. The Technical Meeting will be the platform for discussion about the rules to which the competition will be based upon;

  4. The committee holds the ultimate control towards deciding whether a rule needs to be changed or not;

  5. Results of the Technical Meeting are considered accepted and legitimate by the participants and no objection later will be accepted by the committee; and

  6. The participant and/or representative who are not able to attend the Technical Meeting due to personal urgencies or for any reason will be considered in favor with all the result of Technical Meeting’s discussion, no objection will be accepted by the committee.

Competition attire

  1. All varsity participants MUST wear semi-formal attire with their almamater jacket, unless said otherwise by the committee;

  2. All high school participants MUST wear their school uniform, unless said otherwise by the committee; and

  3. For Model United Nations, Newscasting, and Storytelling Competition, the competition attire may be adjusted accordingly.

Rules of the venue

  1. All participants must go through bag-checking during re-registration, therefore prohibited to bring any illegal substances or materials, such as illegal drugs, sharp weapons and/or firearms, especially ones that might cause harm to the other participants;

  2. All participants are prohibited to do any harmful actions during the event, and at the event area;

  3. All participants are prohibited to bring cigarettes and/or electronic cigarettes as smoking is not allowed in the event area; 

  4. All participants must maintain the well-being of the environment and ensure the orderliness of the event;

  5. All participants must keep their appearance neat and clean;

  6. All participants must be polite, courteous, and uphold non-discriminatory values toward any party during the event;

  7. Littering is prohibited, please keep the venue nice and clean and throw away litters at the trash bins/bags provided;

  8. Consumption will be provided during break time, therefore all participants are prohibited to eat inside the classrooms, please eat at the 1st Floor Canteen, S&T Area, or MC’85 Area;

  9. All participants are prohibited to go to the 2nd Floor Canteen;

  10. Participants that bring their own vehicles are prohibited to park at the Faculty of Law, please park at Masjid Universitas Indonesia;

  11. All participants must mind their own belongings, the committee will not be responsible for lost items. Lost and found items will be collected by the committee at E-Corner;

  12. Participants that needs medical attention must report to the committee and will be directed to the medics standing by at E-Corner; and

  13. For further inquiries about the venue throughout the event, please contact the committee at E-Corner.


  1. During performances, participants and/or spectators are not allowed to create disturbances and unnecessary noises that might cause distraction to the participants (including but not limited to entering or leaving the premises of the competition during a performance, applauses that are not intended in good-faith, laughing or talking loudly, using cameras with flash, sounds from cell phones, etc.);

  2. Coaches, teachers and/or spectators MUST NOT provide help, assistance and/or answers in any way during making their case, or during the performance to the participants and are only allowed to watch performances;

  3. The committee is allowed to expel coaches, teachers and/or spectators at any time to prevent cheating;

  4. If the participants are caught cheating, the committee is entitled to unilaterally decide to disqualify participants from the competition;

  5. During the competitions, the registered participants cannot be represented by anyone else, or otherwise will be disqualified;

  6. All participants should respect and appreciate every judgment from the judges;

  7. The judges’ decisions are final and there is no correspondence pertaining to the judging process that will be reconsidered;

  8. When the participants make mistakes when performing, the committee does not compromise and/or allow any pauses of duration nor provide any restart for the participants;

  9. If there are technical difficulties (such as power failure or broken equipment) or should any problems arise during the performance of the participants, to which it is no fault of the participants, then the committee might allow a restart with the discretion of the committee with the approval of the judges; and

  10. Every participant should be present punctually, at least 1 (one) hour before the competition starts. We do not compromise any tardiness. If the participant is late to be present, then the committee will decide unilaterally to either postpone the performance or disqualify the participants from the competition.


  1. The prize and the trophy for the winner can ONLY be taken by the winner at the Closing Ceremony on Tuesday, August 1st, 2023. If the winner cannot be present during the Closing Ceremony due to several significant reasons (which are allowed only under the approval of the committee), the prize and the trophy can be taken by a representative; and

  2. The committee will ONLY provide e-certificate for the winners and the participants. All e-certificate will be sent by the committee through e-mail at a maximum of 30 days after the main event or September 1st, 2023.