Terms and Conditions

General Rules

  1. Every participant in this competition must be a senior high school student or university student;
  2. The committee of the 25th ALSA National English Competition will not provide refund for those who are disqualified or quit for any reason;
  3. The committee is entitled to unilaterally cancel a competition if the number of participants does not reach the minimum quota as determined by the committee. The minimum quota for each competition:
  • Debate : 25 teams.
  • E-MUN:
  1. UN Women : 15 delegates.
  2. UNESCO : 15 delegates.
  3. UN WTO : 15 delegates.
  • Newscasting : 20 participants.
  • Paper Presentation : 15 participants.
  • Speech : 20 participants.
  • Spelling Bee : 15 participants.
  • Storytelling : 20 participants.
  • Short Story Writing : 20 participants
  1. The participants who have been registered online can be replaced with a new participant before July 27th, 2021 or precisely 7 (seven) days after the registration ends by sending the request for replacement to ALSA E-Comp 2021. Registration’s e-mail address: regist@gmail.com, with the following format subject: Replacement_(Competition Type)_(Institution) and the following format body mail:
  • Competition Type
  • Institution
  • Name of Original Participant 
  • Name of Replacement Participant 
  • Name for Certificate (maximum 20 characters) 
  • Email Address of Replacement Participant 
  • WhatsApp Number of Replacement Participant 
  • Reason

The participant is required to attach any kind of related document that supports the participant’s reason (e.g. signed medical permit from hospital). If the committee finds the reason as an acceptable reason, then the committee will send the approval of the replacement request to the participant’s e-mail address;

  1. After July 27th, 2021, replacement of participants are not allowed and will result in disqualification;
  2. The names registered on the website or the name of the replacement participant registered on the ALSA E-Comp 2021 registration’s e-mail will be the names printed on the certificates with the limit of 20 characters for each name. The committee is not responsible for mistakes and misspelling made by the participant in the registration form;
  3. The committee will invite participants to a group via WhatsApp and give further information based on the number that you have submitted in the registration form. Hence, please ensure that you are submitting your correct contact number as the committee will not be responsible for mistakes made by the participants in the registration form;
  4. Every rule must be followed. Disqualification for any participant who violates the rule will be under the discretion of the committee to decide unilaterally;
  5. Participants are obliged to re-register themselves via the Google Forms that will be provided by the committee before the technical meeting, competition, and closing ceremony;
  6. The certificate of participation for every participant will be sent through e-mail in the form of an e-certificate. The committee will ONLY send the certificate for the participants whose names are on the attendance list of the closing ceremony on August 25th, 2021; and
  7. The winners of each competition will be given a physical form of a certificate of achievement and a trophy that will be sent to the winner’s address after the closing ceremony. The shipping cost will then be paid by the winners.


  1. Every participant or representative MUST attend the Technical Meeting on Friday, August 20th, 2021;
  2. The Technical Meeting will be the platform for discussion about the rules to which the competition will be based upon;
  3. The committee holds the ultimate control towards deciding whether a rule needs to be changed or not;
  4. Results of the Technical Meeting are considered accepted and legitimate by the participants and no objection later will be accepted by the committee; and
  5. The participant and/or representative who are not able to attend the Technical Meeting due to personal emergencies or for any reason will be considered in favor with all the results of the Technical Meeting’s discussion, no objection will be accepted by the committee.


To be eligible to compete, competing individual must:

  1. Be enrolled in a Senior High School or a University by showing the committee a Student Identity Card at the time of registration;
  2. Participants are allowed to register as long as they have not graduated during the registration period;
  3. Have completed the payment of the registration fee and was successfully registered as a participant;
  4. Note all relevant dates regarding the competition as mentioned in the RELEVANT DATES section;
  5. Maintain eligibility at all rounds of the competition. The participant will be disqualified if discovered ineligible to compete in any round; and
  6. Each participant must be present to compete and cannot be represented by anything else other than themselves.


  1. The participants must keep his/her appearance neat and clean;
  2. Senior High School students are required to wear their school uniform unless stated otherwise in the specific rules and regulations for every competition and/or explained and allowed by the committee; and
  3. Varsity students are required to wear a collared shirt, with their respective university jacket unless stated otherwise in the specific rules and regulations for every competition or explained and allowed by the committee.

Rules During the Competition

  1. The competition will be held online via Zoom App, therefore participants should make sure that the supporting equipment and devices are available (Laptop/PC with functioning camera and speaker, microphone, and internet connection). The equipment needed will not be provided by the committee. With that, participants should provide them independently;
  2. During the competition, the committee will mute the microphone of all participants. Participants are only allowed to unmute the microphone when performing and talking;
  3. Participants should change their name on the Zoom Meeting into (Name)_(Type of Competition)_(Institution). (e.g. Aliya_Speech_UI) or any other format specified by the committee;
  4. To make sure all participants are audible before the competitions start, there will be a microphone checking session;
  5. If the participants are caught cheating, the committee is entitled to unilaterally decide to disqualify participants from the competition;
  6. During the competitions, the registered participants cannot be represented by anyone else, or otherwise will be disqualified;
  7. All participants should respect and appreciate every judgement from the judges;
  8. The judges’ decisions are final and there is no correspondence pertaining to the judging process will be reconsidered;
  1. When the participants make mistakes when performing, the committee does not compromise and/or allow any pauses of duration nor provide any restart for the participants;
  2. If there are technical difficulties (such as any errors in microphones/speakers or troubled internet connection) or should any problems arise during the performance of the participants, to which is no fault of the participants, then the committee might allow a restart with the discretion of the committee with the approval of the judges; and
  3. Every participant should be present punctually, at least 15 (fifteen) minutes before the competition starts. We do not compromise any tardiness. If the participant is late to be present, then the committee will decide unilaterally to either postpone the performance or disqualify the participants from the competition.

How to Register and Payment Procedure

  1. Visit our website at alsaecomp.com.
  2. Click registration and choose the branch that you would like to compete in. You can either choose individual branches, Debate, N1, Independent Adjudicator, or MUN.
  3. Kindly fill in your data based on the information that are asked. Please ensure that you have submitted the required questions.
  4. Click register and the website will immediately bring you to the payment methods.
  5. Kindly choose the payment method that you would like to use:
    • If you prefer to transfer your payment, kindly choose the bank that you use. Then, the website will give you further instructions on how to conduct the payment.
    • If you prefer to pay the registration fee via Go-Pay, scan the QR code provided to make the payment.
  6. Kindly take a screenshot or take a picture of your proof of the payment.
  7. After finishing your payment, you are obliged to take a screenshot or take a picture of the proof of payment as send it to register.alsaecomp@gmail.com with the following detail: Subject E-mail: “Payment_Order ID_Full Name_Varsity/High School_Institution_Phone Number”.

     i.e. “Payment_95_Aliya Ilysia Irfana Ampri_Varsity_Universitas Indonesia_08118078826”.

  1. After sending your payment proof, kindly confirm to Fahira (085691878919/LINE ID: fahirana) if you are a high school student or Sarah (082225301003/LINE ID: destructa) if you are a varsity student.
  2. The committee will later on send you an email confirming your registration and payment in 1×24 after we have received your payment.
  3. If you have any problems in making your payment or find any other difficulties, kindly contact Angel (087782159915/LINE ID: angelicajanet) to save your slot through the conventional method.