Frequently asked questions

What is ALSA E-Comp?

ALSA E-Comp is a competition which uses English as its language of instruction, targeted for senior high school and university students.  Since the first ALSA E-Comp in 1995, numerous senior high school and university students from all over Indonesia had continually participated in this event, thus nationally ALSA E-Comp had successfully proved its prominent existence for 24 years, with the previous total number of competition participants reaching 750 (seven hundred and fifty) people.


Why ALSA E-Comp?

ALSA E-Comp is one of the biggest and longest running National English Competition in Indonesia, you will meet and compete with senior high school or university students coming from various backgrounds coming across the country. Get to experience the thrill of the competition and get to know first-hand experience of what it feels like to be in one of the oldest and largest ALSA National English Competition.


When and where will the competition be held?

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, ALSA E-Comp 2021 will be held online on Friday, August 20th, 2021 until Tuesday, August 24th, 2021 via the Zoom Application.


What are the competitions available?

This year’s competition consists of 8 sub-competitions which are Debate, E-Comp Model United Nations (E-MUN), Newscasting, Paper Presentation, Speech, Spelling Bee, Short Story Writing, and Storytelling.


Who can be the participant?

Every participant in this competition must be a senior high school student or university student. Each institution within the participating high school or university can be represented by maximum of 3 (three) teams.


What’s new this year?

Aside from our theme that embraces and socializes about the importance of equality, this year, ALSA E-Comp 2021 introduces a brand new competition, which is Short Story Writing. The purpose of our Short Story Writing competition is to increase participants writing skill and creativity. Aside from that, we’re having Golden Tickets as our Pre-Event and E-Comp Report Cards to improve the capabilities of our participants. Further information can be seen via ALSA E-Comp 2021’s social media.


Is it possible to have refund?

The committee of ALSA E-Comp 2021 will not provide refund for those who are disqualified or quit for any reason.


What to do if participants can’t re-register themselves and attend the Technical Meeting?

Participants who failed to follow this rule will be disqualified. There will be an exception only for those who are not able to come on the re-registration day by sending their permission for absence to the committee beforehand through

  • Sarah (082225301003 / LINE ID: destructa) for senior high school students; or
  • Fahira (085691878919 / LINE ID: fahirana) for varsity students.


The permission for absence must be due to personal urgencies or reasons of which the committee found acceptable and it must be done maximum 1 (one) day before the re-registration day.


Can participants be replaced?

The participants who have been registered online can be replaced with a new participant before July 27th, 2021 or precisely 7 (seven) days after the registration ends by sending the request of replacement to ALSA E-Comp 2021 registration’s e-mail address:, with the following format subject: Replacement_(Competition Type)_(Institution) and the following format body mail:

Competition Type :

Institution :

Name of Original Participant :

Name of Replacement Participant :

Name for Certificate (20 characters tops including punctuation marks):

Reason :

The participant is required to attach any kind of related document that supports the participant’s reason (e.g. signed medical permit from the hospital). If the committee finds the reason as an acceptable reason, then the committee will send the approval of replacement request to the participant’s e-mail address. After July 27th, 2021 replacement of participants are not allowed and will result in disqualification.