The 23rd ALSA National English Competition

"Enhance Your Knowledge, Step Up to the Challenge"

4th-9thApril, 2019

About ALSA E-Comp

Asian Law Students’ Association (ALSA) is an international, non-profit and non-political association which consists of law students from several countries in Asia. Currently, ALSA has been expanding its network through affiliations with European Law Students’ Association and Australian Law Students' Association. ALSA International is composed of 16 National Chapters, where one of them is ALSA National Chapter Indonesia. ALSA Local Chapter Universitas Indonesia (ALSA LC UI) is one of the members of the 14 Local Chapters in ALSA National Chapter Indonesia.

Since 1995, ALSA LC UI has successfully held ALSA National English Competition or ALSA E-Comp, a competition which uses English as its language of instruction, targeted for senior high school and university students. Numerous senior high school and university students from all over Indonesia had continually participated in this event, thus nationally ALSA E-Comp had successfully proved its prominent existence for 22 years, with the previous total number of competition participants reaching 797 (seven hundred and ninety-seven) people. Continuing the success, we proudly present The 23rd ALSA National English Competition (ALSA E-Comp 2019)

This year, ALSA E-Comp 2019 will be held with the tagline of “Enhance your Knowledge, Step Up to the Challenge”. With this theme, ALSA E-Comp 2019 is expected to be able to serve as a medium to motivate the participants to learn and deepen their knowledge and the issues surrounding them now in the context of national and international issues, whether it is in the scope of social-politics, law, culture, or environment. By acknowledging these problems, the targeted competition participants of ALSA E-Comp 2019 are expected to prepare themselves better in tackling the challenges and issues ahead of their time in the future.

ALSA E-Comp in Numbers

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If you are applying for Bundle Package (Delegation Discount), you have 1x24 hours to register all your teams/delegates to be eligible for discounts. Discount applies for these competitions:

  • E-Comp Model United Nations (E-MUN) : 5% for more than 5 delegates, 10% for 10 delegates or more
  • Battle of Brains : 5% for 3 (three) teams
  • Paper Presentation : 5% for 3 (three) delegates
  • Spelling Bee : 5% for 3 (three) delegates


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